Redefining the Workplace.

Supportworks is and always will be a family business. So, fostering an atmosphere of trust and openness is quite literally in our DNA. It's why our culture is so important to us — and why we work hard to attract and retain exceptional people like you.

Our story is pretty cool, and we'd love to tell you more about it.

About Us
Supportworks is redefining the workplace

We're proud to be voted one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha for 2023 — our fourth year in a row on the list!

We believe our employees are as important as our contractors and their customers, so we don't hire just to fill seats. It's one reason we are consistently named one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha. We take our time to find a mutually great fit — someone who embodies our values and believes in our mission. If this sounds good to you, check out our current open positions.

You know, this could be the start of something beautiful…

Job Opportunities

Our Culture

Our culture at Supportworks

Is this a startup or a decades-old family business? The answer is YES.

Supportworks is unique in that it exhibits the strength and stability of a mature business but also the nimbleness and energy of a Silicon Valley startup. This best-of-both-worlds sweet spot is all down to our culture, which we fiercely protect and nurture. Because without our culture, we'd simply be an anonymous face in the corporate crowd. And how boring would that be?

Experience Our Culture

Here are some of our favorite perks:

  • Charitable Donation Match
  • Monthly Social Events
  • Summer Fridays (Office closes at 3:00 pm every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day)
  • Holiday Events
  • Treat Trains
  • Grow Your Mind (G.Y.M.) Class
  • On-site Gym with Free Fitness Classes
  • On-site Cafeteria, Chef and Convenience Mart
  • Free On-site Car Wash and Vacuum
  • Verizon Wireless Discount
  • Garden Club
  • Run Club
  • Special Guests and Renowned Speakers
  • Free Counseling

Benefits & Perks

We look at benefits and perks as two different things, and both are critical to our ability to attract and retain top talent.

Benefits are table stakes — they're what you'd expect from any reputable company. We're talking health insurance, 401(k), vacation time... you know the drill. And we offer decidedly top-tier benefits.

But we also offer perks — unique aspects of working at Supportworks that make life easier and more fun. Our perks are a big part of why our employees love working here. And why so many of us have worked here for so long.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Supportworks

To Redefine
Our Industry

But achieving our purpose is an ongoing mission that takes time, dedication and, above all, people. Our purpose guides us every day, from the mundane to the monumental.

Discover Our Purpose

It takes multiple groups of dedicated people working in complete harmony to make Supportworks thrive.

Our Teams

Supportworks designs, produces and distributes products for the contracting industry. That's the boilerplate copy. But we do so much more than that. We are a software developer, a marketing communications agency, an engineering company and a consulting firm. But no matter which team you join, you'll be working with a group of people united in a single mission: Redefining the Contracting Industry.

Certified Evergreen

Supportworks is certified Evergreen

What does evergreen mean in this context? Well, there's evergreen with a small "e," meaning something designed to be long-lasting, and there's Evergreen with a capital "e," meaning a privately held company that has been designated Evergreen by the Tugboat Institute.

We're both.

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Supportworks is dedicated to providing fulfilling work for our employees so they can enjoy fulfilling lives. If you're looking for the same, you've come to the right place. If you want to know more, we'd love to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't just have a list of frequently asked questions — we have answers, too!

Seriously, though, we know people are curious about us and what makes us different. So, check out this section for some answers to common questions.