Redefining the
Contractor Industry

Supportworks redefining the contractor industry

Contractors have gotten a bad rap over the years — much of it deserved. But we’re on a mission to change that by radically improving every aspect of the contractor-homeowner experience, from initial phone call to final handshake and beyond.

Our Companies

Foundation Supportworks

Providing industry-leading products, training and more to an international network of foundation and concrete repair dealers.

Hello Garage

Transforming America’s cluttered garages via an expanding group of franchisees dedicated to helping homeowners open up the possibilities.


Developing next-generation software that drastically improves the contractor-homeowner experience.

More is possible with Supportworks

We believe
more is possible.

For years, homeowners accepted mediocre service from the contractors they hired. Missed appointments. Hidden charges. Messes left behind. It was just how things were done. But there was one company that had become quietly successful over the decades by insisting that every interaction between contractor and homeowner be remarkable. That small midwestern family business eventually grew to become a national advocate for much-needed industry change by upholding the simple notion that more is possible.

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Supportworks is Certified Evergreen by the Tugboat Institute

A company
that’s built to last.

Supportworks has been Certified Evergreen by the Tugboat Institute, an entrepreneurial think tank dedicated to supporting Evergreen companies. This accolade signifies that they believe we have the culture, wisdom and vision to redefine the contracting industry not only for this generation but also for generations to come.

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Foundation Supportworks, Inc. voted one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha for 2023

Voted one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha for 2023.

Why? We're REDEFINING the workplace. It's a major reason we love coming to work every day.

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