We are believers.

ripple effect

We believe a single, seemingly mundane action can spread, creating a ripple effect — the full extent of which we'll likely never know. But we believe that by doing small things differently, better and with intention, our employees will go home at night feeling fulfilled, our contractors will create an impact in their communities and the homeowners they serve will experience the peace of mind they deserve.

More than that, we believe that happier employees, thriving businesses and satisfied customers lead to better neighborhoods and stronger communities.

That's why we believe that small ripples can eventually change the world.

Walking at Supportworks headquarters
Our Purpose

Redefine Our Industry

We do things differently than anyone else in our industry and will continue to do so. But here's the thing: redefining never stops. Once we create a "new way," and it becomes the status quo, we'll redefine it again and again. In that way, we will continue to raise the bar, not only for foundation, concrete and garage contractors but also for plumbers, electricians and the rest of the home-services contracting industry.

Who we aim to redefine for.

Redefining our industry is the big-picture — but rather than sit back and congratulate ourselves on coming up with a clever line, we need to make it happen. So, we focus on three equally important groups when taking actions that create the ripples that eventually become the waves of change.

Redefining Employees


We believe fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives.

We bestow the gift of high expectations on our people — but with the love and belief that they can accomplish what they didn't think they could before. We want people to do the work they love in an environment that makes them happy and have the chance to grow.

Redefining Contractors


We believe more is possible.

In our world, contractors never go it alone. We are partners who walk alongside and challenge them every step of the way. We show them what's possible and help make it happen with support to help them grow their businesses, create healthy cultures and effect meaningful change in their communities.

Redefining Customers


We believe experiences can be remarkable.

We believe the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated. We use this perspective in all the work we do.

Our Mission

To Champion Contractor Success Through Genuine Relationships and Radical Support.

We want our contractors and franchisees to see us as more than just a business partner; we want them to see us as friends, mentors and family. So, we advocate, support and promote them at every turn. That's what we mean by champion. We also do this through radical support. That means our contractors should leave an experience with any department feeling like they've been supported in ways far beyond what they could have imagined. The bottom line: our dealers' and franchisees' success is our success.

Our Values
One Team

One Team

We have the right kind of ambition by putting the good of the team above ourselves. We own the whole.

People Smart

People Smart

We are sincere and trust each other’s intentions. We value EQ over IQ.

Hungry Spirit

Hungry Spirit

We have a bias for action and a scrappy way of getting things done. We refuse to be complacent.

Humble Spirit

Humble Heart

We are vulnerable and authentic, and we value simplicity. No job is beneath us.

Learn more about these values and how they impact our culture.

Our Culture

We’re Looking for Fellow Believers

We believe our employees are as important as our contractors and their customers, so we don't hire just to fill seats. We take our time to find a mutually great fit — someone who embodies our values and believes in our mission. If that sounds good to you, check out our current open positions. As they say, this could be the start of something beautiful.

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