What is Culture really?

It means we're focused on our people.

We foster a creative and innovative environment where big thinkers are encouraged to do big things. Through that process, we've become more than simply a manufacturer of products — we've become a provider of what we call "radical support" to businesses across North America in our mission to redefine the entire contracting industry. But we're also redefining the workplace, creating a space where people feel welcome, free and encouraged every day.

We're proud to be voted one of the Best Places to Work in Omaha for 2023 — our fourth year in a row on the list!

Best Place to Work in Omaha 2023

Living Our Values

Our values made us one of Omaha's favorite employers.

We don't just think this stuff up and put it on a poster — we live it every day. And we do that by hiring the right people for the right seats, nurturing their growth and helping them achieve more than they thought possible. We're honored and humbled to be voted one of Omaha's best places to work, and we're pretty sure it all goes back to the core values upon which our company was built.

One Team

One Team

We have the right kind of ambition by putting the good of the team above ourselves. We own the whole.

We work together as one company, supporting and helping each other to redefine our industry. We don't believe in individual departments operating in silos or individuals acting in their own self-interest above what's best for the team. Because we know that it is together that we create remarkable experiences.

People Smart

People Smart

We are sincere and trust each other's intentions. We value EQ over IQ.

In our interactions with one another, we listen attentively, speak candidly and treat each other with respect. We understand that growth can come through discomfort, so we seek honest feedback and don't take offense when it is given to us. We speak the truth to each other in love.

Hungry Spirit

Hungry Spirit

We have a bias for action and a scrappy way of getting things done. We refuse to be complacent.

Big ideas not put into action serve no purpose. Even if we are unsure how to do something, we are willing to roll up our sleeves and figure it out. We don't need to be told what to do — we self-start, take risks, get things done and root others on in doing the same.

Humble Spirit

Humble Heart

We are vulnerable and authentic, and we value simplicity. No job is beneath us.

While we strive to become the best version of ourselves, we don't pretend to be who we aren't. And we don't see the need to overcomplicate things in order to impress; we keep it simple. We understand that each role in the company is critical, no one more important than another.

Jennifer Luth, Senior Business Analyst

My direct supervisor has always been invested in my professional growth, supporting classes I ask to take and getting approval for any tools needed to perform my job at the highest level. She has more confidence in my abilities than I do at times, so she pushes me, which I cannot thank her enough for.

Jennifer Luth,Senior Business Analyst

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