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We're proud to be ranked #1 Best Places to Work in Omaha 2022.
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Freedom to think.
Freedom to do.

We foster a creative and innovative environment where big thinkers have the room to DO. Through that process, we've become more than a manufacturer of products. We are a provider of radical business supports that are redefining our industry. We're also redefining the workplace, creating a space where people feel welcomed, free and encouraged.

No. 01

We're about people

We are a manufacturer of products for the contractor industry. But since our goal is to redefine our industry, it takes more than that. So we focus on supporting people. We know our impact can be most significant for the dealers we work with, the customers we serve and the employees we have the privilege of walking alongside.


We believe fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives, and we want employees to have both.

We bestow the gift of high expectations on people, but with the love and belief that they can accomplish what they didn't think they could before. We want people to do the work they love, in an environment they're happy in and have the chance to grow.


We believe in big dreams and then making them a reality.

In our dream, contractors never go at it alone. We are partners who walk alongside and challenge them. We show them what's possible, and help them make it real with supports that help them grow their businesses, create healthy company cultures and really change their communities.


We believe customer experiences must be remarkable.

We believe the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated. We use this perspective in all the work we do.

No. 02

We foster growth

As a part of our team, you're empowered to grow and lead. You'll make decisions and manage your projects in ways that best use your expertise. We support you, and as we grow and expand into new markets, you can grow and expand your skills and opportunities, too. We are fueled by people like you, who bring in more people like you, who rethink and redefine to solve unique problems. Together, we lead our company and our industry forward.

No. 03

We embrace change

Our culture is focused, forward thinking and fun. It fosters creativity and inspires, daily. Here, you'll be motivated to innovate, think beyond and keep going until you've found the best solution. We don't mold. We invent. We redefine.

In fact, here are just a few of the things we've done to redefine our industry.


Gone are the days of paper and pencil proposals to homeowners. We developed SolutionView software. Because it incorporates 3D animation, video and more, it allows us to present clear, concise and compelling solutions to customers. Advanced tools like this are redefining the experience for the sales team and customers alike.


As technology advances, so do the ways we work. PolyLevel is a quicker, cleaner solution for sinking concrete. We leave messy, temporary options such as mud jacking and concrete replacement behind, and move forward to better, longer-lasting solutions for customers. Redefining how to solve problems gives customers better choices.


Foremen are often known as the guys who simply get the work done. We see our foremen as leaders who make a customer experience remarkable. They deserve to be equipped with sophisticated software. That's why we developed CrewPoint - software that is redefining how crews do their work.


Most contractors in an industry go at it alone, grinding it out each and every day. At Supportworks, we train, mentor and walk alongside the contractors in our dealer network, while we grow our businesses together. This high-level support redefines the pace at which small businesses can grow.

No. 04

We take care of you


Protecting the health and wellbeing of family is at the top of our list. Take comfort in knowing we have a comprehensive benefits package for you and yours.

Work/Life Integration

We strive to create an environment where you are fired up and fulfilled by your work, so you can be your best self when you head home and out into the community.

Personal Growth

We do more than encourage you to set personal and professional goals; we help hold you accountable. Plus, we offer a 401(k) retirement plan and match contributions up to 5%, based on company profitability.

Time Off

Enjoy earned time off to spend with loved ones, climb mountains, build sandcastles, catch up on Netflix, re-organize your pantry... whatever makes you happy. You do you.

Fitness Center

Our employees enjoy access to a brand new fitness center and free classes on site - ranging from yoga to bootcamp to jazzercise. Sometimes you just have to sweat it out.

Award Winning Company

We're proud to be on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private U.S. companies for 5 years running. All the credit goes to our teams and our purpose-built, people-first mindset.


Whether you're in the office or out and about, we want you to be a) comfortable and b) proud to rep Supportworks. You'd better start making room in your closet for t-shirts.

Matching Gifts

We owe our success to the communities where we live and believe in paying it forward. Supportworks will match employees' charitable donations up to $500 annually.


All work and no play with a team like this? No way. We have a ball together at monthly events and enjoy countless treats. But to tell you what they are would take away from the fun...

No. 05

Built To Last

Supportworks has been Certified Evergreen by the Tugboat Institute, an entrepreneurial think tank dedicated to supporting Evergreen companies. This accolade signifies that they believe we have the culture, financial strength and long-term vision to weather economic storms and industry disruptions for the next century and beyond.