Creative & Technology

No. 01

Your focus

One of the largest divisions in the office, our in-house creative and tech department produces high quality deliverables not only for Supportworks, but for businesses across our dealer network. You'll work on marketing and technical solutions that have far-reaching impact, helping companies across North America grow and succeed. You are passionate about impactful user experiences, seamless functionality, modern aesthetics and effective, deliberate design. You imagine, inspire and do.

No. 02


We never stop pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We're much more than just a manufacturer and supplier. Our creative and technology teams are redefining our industry with our work, to help our dealers grow and our communities flourish. Here are a few examples.


  • Created, designed and published a best-practices book series for our dealer network
  • Designed and developed marketing communications materials, website, training pieces, signage and installations and produced over 130 videos and animations for our second annual large-scale dealer conference
  • Designed and developed three new sales and productivity software applications, and revamped three additional applications

No. 03

Meet our people

Lindsey Henderson


"Supportworks is not just a place to work and get a paycheck. It's family... friends... that you get to work with, inspiring each other to grow and evolve ourselves and our industry to be better. I am so blessed to be part of Supportworks. #redefine"

Josh Anstey


"Redefine may sound like a buzzword, but when you are encouraged to evaluate every piece of this business daily with a goal of making it better, I have found it a large reason why I love coming in to work every day."

Tim Park


"It is hard to find "just get by" thinking at Supportworks. We are not only free, but encouraged to think and to create the best products and experiences for our customers. When it feels this good to go above and beyond, and you get to see the results of the teamwork this kind of thinking generates, why would you ever want to "just get by" at another company?"