Dealer Training & Support

No. 01

Your focus

Our Dealer Training & Support team is ONE team with many talents. They shatter expectations for service and dealer training. You'll be devoted to people, service and building meaningful relationships. A warm and natural connection with people and relentless passion for education and public speaking drives your work.

No. 02


We never stop pushing the boundries of what's possible. We're much more than just a manufacturer and supplier. Our dealer training and support team is redefining our industry with our work, to help our dealers grow and our communities flourish. Here are a few examples.


  • 150+ dealer visits/onsite trainings
  • Created comprehensive guides and training materials, which cover all aspects of running a contractor business
  • Delivered more than 20 locally and regionally hosted training workshops in the past year

No. 03

Meet our people

Igor Maslanka


"At Supportworks, we are given a purpose, a mission and a set of values. If we see the need for a change or improve on a process, we are empowered to take the appropriate actions."

Amy Gunn


"Supportworks has given me so much more than just a "job." They have given me a purpose. Purpose to work, purpose to live, purpose to get up each day and love what I do with people who share the same passion. They have given me the opportunity to define who I am and how my role can make a difference. We have the freedom to be ourselves, and that's such a freeing feeling at work!"

Kurtis Kammerer


"There's no better feeling someone can have on the job than to know that they can act on their ideas to make the company stronger. When you watch what was once just a hunch grow into a project, then a program, then a standard operating procedure - and see how it changes your company, your customers, and even the world - workplace satisfaction doesn't get much better than that.

Oh, and when they pay me more money too."