WallDefense Strap

Solutions for Foundation Wall Failure

Permanently Protect Your Foundation Walls with WallDefense Straps

WallDefense straps permanently protect block walls by reinforcing them with straps of carbon fiber. Because carbon fiber is many times stronger than steel and won't stretch, the wall is able to stand firm against the pressures that can cause it to bow in, even when changing soil conditions increase those pressures. When installed tightly against your foundation walls, WallDefense adds tremendous strength without adding bulk. Your walls stay straight and protected, and even finishing the walls isn't affected by this non-disruptive, permanent solution.

WallDefense Strap System Advantages

Cost-effective protection before damage occurs.

Permanently protects concrete block walls from bowing.

Prevents disruption and expense of future wall failure and repair.

Ultra-strong, carbon fiber-reinforced polymers.

Easily concealed during basement finishing projects.

Clean installation and quick cure time.

25-year warranty. Guaranteed.

WallDefense is backed by a 25-year product warranty from Supportworks® as well as a service warranty from your local contractor.

Why you need it. After a home is built, changes occurring in the surrounding soil are the primary cause of foundation settlement and bowing or leaning foundation walls. Excess moisture increases the weight of those soils, causing them to push in harder against the walls. During colder months, frost can cause the soil to expand, putting even more stress on the walls.

Don't let problems like these rob you of your peace of mind.

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