The GeoLock wall anchor system permanently stabilizes your foundation wall and in many cases can straighten your wall back toward its original position. Heavy-duty earth anchors are embedded in stable soil away from your foundation wall, and are then connected to steel channel anchors with long, galvanized rods. Once tightened, the anchors will hold the wall securely in its current position without any further adjustment. However, a unique benefit of the system includes the ability to tighten the anchors during dry seasons, meaning you can improve and even completely straighten your walls over time.


Minimal disturbance to the home, lawn and landscaping

Easily concealed during basement finishing projects

Galvanized steel components look great and will never rust

Can be tightened over time to straighten the wall

Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Covers available

Installation Steps


Carefully remove sod and auger small hole.


Drive rod through hole, out into soil.


Connect rod to earth anchor and attach to inside wall plate.


Attach wall plate and tighten system components into place.


Replace soil and sod; tighten anchors.

The GeoLock system has been fully installed.

Our Promise. Your Property.

25-Year Warranty

Rest assured that the GeoLock System will immediately stabilize your foundation walls and permanently protect them against any further movement. The GeoLock System comes with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a performance warranty from your local dealer.

Why you need it.

As forces of nature, such as moisture and frost, interact with the soil around your home, the soil expands. That expansion results in constant inward force on your foundation wall until it can no longer support the pressure, causing cracking, bowing and tipping.