D.I.Y. Repairs

Rather than fixing the problem for good, some homeowners choose to do patchwork.. It could be tuckpointing cracked brick on the outside brick veneer, patching over drywall cracks, replacing latches, planing doors, etc. These are only band-aid fixes. The problems will continue to occur again and again. Plus, most of these do-it-yourself foundation repairs look ugly.

Does your home have a lot of patchwork repair?

Hiding a problem by patching over it doesn't solve the problem. Cracks will re-appear, more repairs will need to be made, and soon you will have a patch over a patch over a patch. So, are you really fixing anything?

How did this happen?

Good Intentions

Often beginning as a well-intentioned homeowner's attempt at a quick fix, D.I.Y. repairs are often short-lived. Attempts to fill or seal drywall or mortar cracks are easy to identify due to variances in finish or workmanship.


Some homeowners believe that a band-aid fix is a more economical way to address problems like cracks, uneven floors and other signs of serious foundation issues. In truth, the longer a permanent, professional solution is avoided, the more damage will be done. In the end, this damage catches up. Eventually, everyone will sell their home, even if it is decades down the road. Potential buyers will see attempts at patchwork repairs. Known foundation repair needs have to be disclosed by law. Avoiding a permanent solution in the short-term lessens your home's value and costs more in the long-term.