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If you are experiencing basement foundation problems or a sagging crawl space structure, we have the solutions for you. Our local Manitoba foundation repair dealer can give you a FREE in-home foundation inspection and estimate. With our fast, cost-effective and lasting solutions, we'll show you how we plan to restore your foundation to being a strong, supportive structure you want it to be.

We've seen all kinds of foundation issues and crawl space structural problems throughout Manitoba and we've helped thousands of homeowners repair these foundation problems. 

With a full line of foundation repair products provided by Supportworks and the support of an international network of foundation experts; your contractor will create a customized system that is tailored to serve your foundation's every need.


A few of the key products that we install are the Supportworks line of foundation piers, wall anchors, crawl space support jacks, helical piles, helical piers, mud jacking services and more.  We can even address foundation problems such as street creep.  No matter what problem you're facing with your home foundation, your Supportworks contractor has the answer.


We have some of Supportworks' best foundation repair experts in one of Canada's greatest regions – Manitoba. From Winnipeg to Melita, Bowsman to Altona, rest assured knowing your structural repairs are in good hands, because there is a Supportworks dealer available in your neighborhood and is ready to give you a free estimate for foundation repair costs.