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Most Kansans' home is their largest single investment they will have to worry about.  It serves as the cornerstone of the family and a financial base for the future. When this home's foundation becomes compromised in any way, the structure begins to fail, and value plummets. Call or contact us online today for a free foundation repair cost estimate!

Foundation problems only get worse with time.  A foundation that has begun to crack, sink, or show bowing in the walls has taken its first step down a long, rocky road of residential foundation issues.  Symptoms of worsening foundation issues include widening cracks in the walls and floors, uneven floors, and tilting chimneys.  Doors and windows may also stick or jam, and crawl spaces may show signs of sagging.

Over time, foundation problems will worsen significantly. Widening cracks in the foundation may begin to leak water into the basement or crawl space, and in extreme cases, the foundation can fail entirely.  If this happens, the structure will need to be removed and replaced- a process that involves excavating the foundation and removing the landscaping and yard around the home.

There’s a better way!  Our Kansas Foundation Repair Experts are experienced, fully trained, and properly equipped to help you with any of your foundation repair issue. Every foundation repair contractor and crawl space support expert in Wichita and Topeka, KS is trained and in the Supportworks International Headquarters located in Omaha, Nebraska. At training you will learn that every foundation issue is unique in its own way, and as such, your Kansas foundation contractor will customize a foundation repair that best solves your problem. It’s our goal to find the solution that can return your foundation to the stable supporting structure it’s meant to be! 

The Supportworks dealers, located in Topeka, Wichita and all the way to the western border, provide superior products for all types of foundation problems.  For buckling foundation walls Supportworks’ contractors recommend their wall anchors and helical tiebacks to reinforce the foundation.  But, it's surrounded by weak supporting soils or is experiencing settlement problems, installing foundation helical piers or push piers is often the solution.  If your home is experiencing sagging crawlspace pillars, the Supportworks line of steel crawl space jacks offers an excellent route to re-stabilize your Kansas home's foundation.

The products offered by Supportworks contractors are the most cost-effective solution, installs quickly, and provides long-lasting results. Made from galvanized steel, their foundation anchors and push piers will last a hundred years.

Supportworks dealers provide written quotes and free, no obligation on-site inspections!  Our dealers repair Kansas foundation problems throughout the entire state of Kansas and also repair sagging crawl space problems in KS. The Supportworks service area in Kansas includes Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Manhattan, Olathe, Wichita, Lawrence, Dodge City, Emporia, Liberal, Garden City, Colby, Atwood, Norton, Concordia, Hill City, Pratt, Hutchinson, Salina, Great Bend and all surrounding areas. 

Supportworks offers their warranted galvanized steel foundation repair products for residential, commercial, industrial foundations, and all other structures. The dealers in the Supportworks, Inc. Foundation Contractor network spans across the United States and Canada.